kolossal Ueberschiebung (gumtreecanoe) wrote in garreth,
kolossal Ueberschiebung

so for the record, guys

we are hanging out some time other than christmas eve or christmas, which are the two times all break I cannot hang out.

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well, duh. don't get your panties all in a twist, sillybutt. who's driving 500 miles AND birthday visiting? well, becca. but i'll be in the passengers seat! =)

i assume i'll just be @ beccas house all the freaking time, except for when i'm in israel.
yeah ditto on the absolute duh. why do you think i didn't go on vacation with my folks? i want to see you!!! and not just one night!!! lots of nights!!! silly girl.
Can I see u too? ;)
Ha. We've already hung out. Thpppt.