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suburban basement alliance's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
suburban basement alliance

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[31 May 2007|05:34pm]

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[02 Jan 2006|11:48pm]

I'm leaving for India on Thursday. I'll be there for four months.

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so for the record, guys [06 Dec 2004|07:37pm]

we are hanging out some time other than christmas eve or christmas, which are the two times all break I cannot hang out.

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[06 Dec 2004|12:15pm]

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[05 Dec 2004|07:43pm]

I just figured out what we're doing at M'ris' party!!!!

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[29 Nov 2004|04:17am]

i think i want to have a christmas party. i think i want it to really be a belated hannukah party in disguise. i want to sit around with all of you and make latkes and eat food and watch christmas slasher movies. i think i want to do this at my house, on christmas, but i need to clear it through the parentals first, what with them actually living there and owning the place and all.

so for the tentative:
December 25!

My place!


Slasher movies!


mayhaps real invitiations once i get this figured out.
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[28 Jul 2004|08:39pm]

Hey, I need to get a round about number of people who are coming to my party so we can order enough food and alcohol. So if there is a greater than 50% chance you can make it, make sure I know. ALL FAMILY MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO COME IF YOU KNOW WHO I AM.

Also: Lauren W. - Please invite your brother Adam for me!

When: Sat, August 14th, 7pm
Where: Plymouth Hill Apartments Social Club
666 West Germantown Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
All food and drink and DJ is free.

RSVP to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE through email or my cell (610-888-0385).

Hope to see you all soon!!!

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It's the "Erica's going away for 5 years so get your ass over here!" Party [21 Jun 2004|05:58pm]


August 14th, Saturday
At my apartment complex in Plymouth Meeting, PA (directions to follow)
Just booze and appetizers.

I'm leaving for England mid September and my schedule is hectic so this is a good easy way to come see me before I go.

I'm not asking for people to give me anything. At all. I will accept the following: prepaid calling cards and alcohol (not cases of beer). But don't feel like you need to bring anything but yourself. And don't bring me anything that will sit in my room collecting dust for 5 years,

Dress is casual but feel free to do yourself up or come gothed. I will be in something black and short. Sexy but classy. I just need to buy it.

Mom will most likely have a few rooms set up for the drunken and long-distance masses if necessary.

Any questions, contact me.

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[18 Jun 2004|05:12pm]

so where are youthis summer?
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[21 Apr 2004|11:34pm]

I just found the commandments of the family card from bray in my old wallet.

for your nostaligic pleasure:

Commandments of the family
1. Do not forsake your brother.
2. Do not forget your past.
3. Worship as you please.
4. Hold fast to your pride.
5. Do not observe in your brother's affairs.
6. Do not forsake the lord's gift.
7. Respect your elders.
8. Compose yourself well.
9. Hold high your young.
10. Be the essence of life.
--Love Mother

would it be weird of me to have this make the transition into my current wallet? and does anyone else still have one of these?
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[27 Dec 2003|07:30pm]

In Bam, Iran... there was an earthquake... a devastating earthquake to be exact. The USA has not been welcome in Iran in a very, very long time. But when they need help, we go to their aid. The funny part of this... however, not funny at all... Iran will except aid from EVERYWHERE, BUT Israel. This, when Israel was sincerely offering a their hand in Iran's time of crisis. Just wait USA... when Iran gets back on their feet, they will not be so kind. HOW COULD THE USA GO TO HELP A NATION THAT CONTINUALLY HURTS OTHER NATIONS... HEEELLOOO... our nation is on that list.

I can't truly comprehend what all this means right now. But I know that I pray for Israel, and I pray for the USA... and I will continue to pray. It is countries like Iran, that make me worry that we are playing the game of "Stratego"... What frightens me is that I also see the USA playing the game of "Risk."

When will all this end?
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[14 Dec 2003|01:15pm]


People can start showing up on the 31st at 6:30 or 7:00.

Directions, help me buy food, be my hero, lets hang out before, comment, email, call.

love yous
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[14 Dec 2003|12:09am]

I'm home I'm home I'm home!
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[26 Nov 2003|12:19pm]
My house. Sevenish. We are banned from the first floor, particularly the kitchen, so eat before you get here, or we'll do the obligatory wawa run. Earlier or later is fine, just call my house and let me know.
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[26 Nov 2003|03:52am]

Ok, well I can't make TG.

But someone let me know xmas and NYs plans cause I dunno what I'm doing now yet except working some on xmas.

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[24 Nov 2003|10:19am]

there may have been some confusion. i will not be home this weds. no. no thanksgiving at beccas for me. yes, this makes us all sad in our sad places, however, it lessens my (already sky high) killing rage by avoiding the ohare airport the weds before thanksgiving. you all know how much i hate people.

so when WILL i be home, you ask?

December 17. 5pm. in my house by 6pm. unless y'all want to pick me up from philly international and just kidnap me for a month (not a bad idea.)

word on the street is that i'll be home the entire break. til jan 18. can we christmas at brays and new years at erics? can i just not be home for weeks at a time? did anyone ever tell gaskin to join this thing?

all sorts of questions that will never be answered.

*note to self, inform the becca eiss and the morrow of above situation*
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[24 Nov 2003|10:32am]
OK. listen up all- this is important. My house- wednesday. THIS wednesday. Thanksgiving annual special, us-style. if someone else would prefer a different (achem), more (cough cough) traditional house... lemme know. Yes. The long-lost Bray has been unearthed, thanks to hard work by M'ris and yours truly, and actually spoke the words "i need to see everyone" onto my voice mail (I'm currently kicking myself for not saving that for the unbelievers). And I know I need to see y'all as well. So. Yeah. Be somewhere. My house default.

ps no event horizon. that's a promise.
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new year's eve [21 Nov 2003|01:52pm]

[ mood | c'mon c'mon c'mon! ]

the lovely, spectacular, and out-of-the-country erica and I say: we are hanging out together on new year's eve. all of us. somewhere. and erica is bringing tasty roman food. and I will bring tasty food. and we will all be buddies. hooooooray.

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I'm coming home [17 Aug 2003|10:29pm]

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[14 Aug 2003|10:24pm]

I haven't talked to anyone in NFTY since I graduated (other than Jacky Bell)... and I am in the fowlest mood of my life. Finally, I leave for college (Manhattan area) on the 20th of August.

If anyone has any interest in seeing me, email CraziLuLu@aol.com

If not, I think this may be my last post on this community... no reason for me to write to "hear" my own voice.
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